MaSaKo's history (English)

She was born in Osaka, Kansai. She had taken up lesson in ballet with her Mother’s recommendation when she was 5.

At first, she could not take to her classmates, and did not enjoy dancing. However she found it fun to see herself through a mirror.She had taken lessons for 8years in famous ballet school of Tomoi Houmura in Kansai.

When she was a high school student, she had started rhythmic sportive gymnastics. She achieved a high ranking in an inter high school and the national athletic meet in spite of intensive competitive rates among people with long experience.

After she had graduated she decided to leave for Los Angels, the U.S, to step up next stage with her dancing skills and inquiring mind.It was not long after going to America, She was chosen as the first Japanese dancer among 2000 candidates in the audition of Fly Girls, dance unit, which Jennifer Lopez was discovered.

The “Fly Girls” was a dance unit in a popular comedy program『In Living Color』,in the U.S and Europe. It had many top actors and actresses today ie, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and so on.She performed regularly as a Fly Girls in the program, and on other many talk shows , CMs and magazines as a guest.

MaSaKo made her dream come true as a dancer with her innate sharp sense even with language barrier.

She worked for Disney, VSDA, Warner Brothers event in Las Vegas, a fashion show for Calvin Klein and so on in the U.S. Having had experiences of abroad, she moved her base to Japan. After returning to Japan, she had an audition of Shiki Theatrical Company with their scout as a start and then passed. MaSaKo’s dance skills and energy were admitted the performers ‘s superiority.

And sooner she joined it, she performed in “Never on Sunday”. However she decided to leave to aspirate new challenges as a dancer.

When she visited New York in a private, she met artist “MYA” and settled in MYA’s promotion event as a dancer in a Music video,「Movin’ out : BET Version」.After a while, she joined all American MYA tour. MaSaKo’s great efforts became gather strength in Japan.

However her workings were not exceedingly smooth sailing. She had ruptured her left Anterior Cruciate Ligament during a performance, which cause a both emotional and physical damage as a dancer.

After the surgery she recovered just in a few months enduring hard physiotherapy, and then restarted her works as a dancer and a choreographer, in various CMs, stages, PVs, magazines and so on. In 2003, she joined ASHANTI JAPAN TOUR as a dancer.

Furthermore, Since2000 she had started to work for a top singer, Toshinobu Kubota as a choreographer and a dancer for his tour throughout the country. It was the 4th time in 2010.

To her, he is an existence of respectable person. The feeling of raising a professional dancer to teach her experiences of abroad has begun to grow at the same time she work as a dance artist. Today, she gives her priority to train professional dancers.

You can learn not only dance technique, but also important things as a performer from many aspects in MaSaKo’s class. Then, finally she produced a dance performance project `~Envoyer de MaSaKo~ transmit from MaSaKo~’ with “send from me’’ as a theme in 2008. She held stages in the same year and the next year, 2009. The projects received high praise, and are expected further achievement.

As well as a dancer, she promotes herself as an artist, and to expand places for her activities and self expression, not only in Japan, but also in the world.

From MaSaKo to YOU



Her spirits never stop sending messages and excelling.